No Prostitution, No Tricks, No Crimes, Just Drugs: A Q&A with Jane Bainter

Do you ever get tired of being known as Jane from Jane’s Addiction?

Actually the old punk rockers from the 80's here in LA are the only people that usually recognized me. Others know me but probably do not know that I am the muse of JA. All the time people say why didn't you tell me - well it just didn't come up. Sometimes if it comes up first thing (like when someone grabs me and pulls me to the front of a line and then tells the doorman I'm Jane and need to get in) well then it's terrible and extremely awkward. It is also still uncomfortable for my family members and for those who are close to me. Myself, I am just me and do not deny my history, I do embrace it. But since being Jane has never been beneficial or helpful to me in any way, I have never been given cause to bring it forward.

Do you tell people now that you're that Jane?

Only if it's appropriate, which is practically never.

How did you and Perry meet?

Perry was the one in charge of collecting money and dealing with the landlords of the Wilton house which I moved into in January 1985. Stuart Sweezy who runs AMOK had moved out and I moved into his room which was upstairs and shared a bathroom and outdoor porch with Perry. The other 5 guys lived downstairs.

Who were you closest to in the band?

Since I lived with Perry for quite a while we became very close friends during that period. Before I moved into that house I was crashing with Eric Avery, Chris Brinkman and Carla Bozulich in a roach infested studio apt. in Westwood. I love and respect Eric and his family. We are of like Spirit.

Are you dating/single/do you have/want kids?

I'm currently in relationship that (hopefully) is headed for marriage soon. I am so ready for a wedding, my life was such a mess before that I never had a chance to do things right. Now I still want it all. I do not yet have children but also hope to have within the coming year......keep posted for upcoming romantic details!

How different was Perry when you met him compared to how he is now?

You know I haven't had a conversation with Perry in over 10 years. I know because that is how long I've been sober and the last time we were together he treated me like a cheap prostitute because that is all he had been hanging around with. I hear that Perry has gotten clean occasionally but if he has he sure hasn't made any amends or even extended an apology to me. I think Perry surrounds himself his own people know and really doesn't want to talk to or support any people from that period of time. In essence he's the same guy, it is just that his motives have taken him to a different place.

When is the last time you had contact with the band?

I do call up and ask to be guest listed. They wouldn't put me on at the Wiltern on New Year's Eve, they did for the KROQ rehearsal show but denied me any guests (my sister was in town). I've never been to a Lollapalooza show. At the KROQ show and also at Coachella I ran into Steven and his lovely wife Cindy who come to think of it, I am the closest to in the band now because they always greet me with good will and kisses. Those two are some great people. I am holding out hope that I will be comped into Lollapalooza this time.

How do you feel now about the band's name?

It was destiny.

How did you feel when they first told you about it?

I didn't like it at all but I didn't think the band would go anywhere.

Do people still recognize you?

Only if they already know me. Actually a guy recognized me in a restaurant last year from my laugh (I was in silhouette) on the intro to one of their videos. I always love fans who would love to meet me.

Did you ever date anyone in the band?

Nope. I just heard some British accented rock critic on NPR the other day doing a very nice plug for the band (played The Riches - also my favorite new song) saying I'd been romantically linked with all the members. There was a lot of stuff going on but the romance was elsewhere.

Did you approve your pictures being used on the early flyers?

I have never been compensated for the use of my image, signature or anything else by XXX, Warner Bros. or the band directly. It was always unstated that the reward would come later (there was no money back then). But when the money flowed none ever came my way.

Were you ever a fan of Jane's Addiction? If so, what is/was your favorite song?

I love Summertime Rolls and Had a Dad. I also love Jane Says although it is not my favorite Jane song, it was written just for me.

What is your all time favorite Jane's Addiction song?

That would change with my mood.

Do you still talk to Casey?

I need to talk to Casey more. I love Casey.

What did you think of Porno for Pyros?

I love the song Tahitian Moon. I thought they were extremely unproductive and when I first met the band they were sitting around singing CSN&Y songs and I thought they were really off track.

Do you still have contact with anyone from the band or related to the band?

I call their management. I was not invited to Perry and Etty's wedding. If we bump into each other we will hang out but we’re not in immediate social circles at the moment.

What are you working on now in your life, and where do you work?

I'm broke and unemployed. Currently I'm selling the last 30 album inserts from XXX autographed on e-bay and looking for gainful employment.

Where do you live?

West Hollywood

Is there anything people don't know about you that you'd like them to know?

I was never a prostitute. I didn't think I'd have to write my story because I was just a working white collar junkie - but maybe I do just to tell everyone how boring it is to be strung out. No prostitution, no tricks, no crimes just drugs.... thanks again.

love jane

copyright by Aiprll Patino, July 2003